HBO "Burning Bush" Full-Length International Trailer

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Burning Bush is a three-part mini-series created for HBO by world-renowned Polish director Agnieszka Holland. Based on real events and real characters, this drama focuses on the alarming deed of student Jan Palach who set himself on fire in a protest against the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1969.


taos treror
taos treror 12-09-2016 13:14
See America you CAN do it, you can produce films of substance and worth. Now why not cancel season 56 of some overly pampered rich wives with more money than sense and commission a film about Walenty Badylak, Lech Walesa, John Lennon, Abbie Hoffman, Chicago 5, Stanislav Petrov, Vasili Arkhipov or any film that actually provokes thoughts not wrath eh? You can do it. You CAN.
Marta Lipińska
Marta Lipińska 15-02-2015 18:18
A master mini series, really mind blowing. I have seen the movie version in the cinema today, almost 4 thrilling hours... Amazing. 
Jan96106 03-11-2014 10:56
This looks powerful. She is such a good director. Since first posting this I have seen all three episodes. I actually watched them all in one sitting on Sunday. Burning Bush is a very timely mini-series, given all the protest and unrest in the world, and given what has happened in Ukraine. I was young back in 1969 and did not follow the news.
Lorraine Cass
Lorraine Cass 23-07-2014 04:15
Showing in Santa Barbara 7/23/14 and 7/30/14.
Rossella Brandy
Rossella Brandy 11-06-2014 10:17
want to watch this!
Kevin P
Kevin P 01-03-2014 20:15
Is there anywhere I can watch this in the UK?
Antonella Pepe
Antonella Pepe 27-02-2014 04:12
A must-watch for any Venezuelan today!!!!
Tyson L
Tyson L 24-09-2013 06:57
It's screening at Vancouver Film Fest at the end of the month, can't wait!
kiara nicole
kiara nicole 02-09-2013 03:00
where can I see this serie?
Anna Zikmundová
Anna Zikmundová 15-04-2013 20:04
novival 02-03-2013 12:45
when doest it starts?
Klara Anim
Klara Anim 18-02-2013 19:30
really well done

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