IAAF World Championships - Berlin 2009: Men's 100m Final [Eurosport HD]

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START: 7:07REPLAYS: 11:53IAAF World Championships - Berlin 2009 - 100 Metres Men FinalDATE: August 16th 2009 (08/16/2009)RESULTS:1. Usain Bolt - 9.58 (WR) - automatic time: 9.572 2. Tyson Gay - 9.71 (NR)3. Asafa Powell - 9.844. Daniel Bailey - 9.935. Richard Thompson - 9.936. Dwain Chambers - 10.007. Marc Burns - 10.008. Darvis Patton - 10.34Note: Usain Bolt covered the first 60m in a time of 6.29/6.31 seconds (depending on the study - 'DLV Scientific'), which would have been a world record. However, records for 60m can only be set in that specific event, so the record officially remains in the hands of Maurice Greene with a time of 6.39s from February 1998.WIKI PAGE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_World_Championships_in_Athletics_%E2%80%93_Men%27s_100_metresPHOTOFINISH: http://i.imgur.com/Gn8LfRE.jpgOFFICIAL RESULTS: http://www.iaaf.org/results/iaaf-world-championships-in-athletics/2009/12th-iaaf-world-championships-in-athletics-3658/men/100-metres/final/result


cmhyperviper 23
cmhyperviper 23 11-12-2017 04:19
he peaked at 44.72 km/h (27.78 mph) during the latter stages of the race which is almost impossible speeds capable of a human
anunchuckfan 02-11-2017 15:28
The greatest of all time
Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill 17-10-2017 14:12
Bolt is supposed to be the fastest man yet that cameraman is clearly running faster than him. Fake and gay.
Benjamin Pineda
Benjamin Pineda 08-08-2017 00:15
Bolt for me is the best sportsman ever
duka ivan
duka ivan 07-08-2017 20:02
Brendan Jackson
Brendan Jackson 01-06-2017 03:04
No is is getting even sub 9.7 at the WC except maybe bolt.
Emilios Powerballer
Emilios Powerballer 16-04-2017 01:51
i couldnt stop laughing when i say 'gay' in tysons gay t shirt, should have chosen tyson instead. but never the less, bolt is really lightning, toping 44.7 km/h, damn, hes fast, actually, the fastest
Tahjj tahjj
Tahjj tahjj 28-12-2016 19:37
Can you get the women's race in this championship ? I'd very much appreciate it.
Ray Ramirez
Ray Ramirez 23-09-2016 00:57
Does anyone know the names of the sport commentators in the video?? Thanks!
duhboi 18-09-2016 01:41
And to think, Hitler in the same stadium in 1936 thought the Aryan Race would dominate track sports. lol. What an idiot.
AAron Thom
AAron Thom 11-09-2016 11:17
I don't like these commentators at all. Too opinionated and rude. "Pound for pound Gay is the better athlete" shut up! Would you say that now in 2016 asshole?!?!
ThickCyborg3 28-08-2016 06:30
Did you know that between the 60th and 80th metre he ran it in 1.61 seconds amazing
Gerbildo123456789 20-08-2016 23:12
Tyson ran 9.71 and Bolt still managed to get a few meters from him... Amazing.
dsfddsgh 15-08-2016 19:49
I wonder why Bolt never broke his record he set here since he was about 23 and was going into his prime years.
rockerfrog25 09-08-2016 13:25
i think bolt's height def gives him the advantage.. he's the tallest there at 6"4, prob has relatively larger legs than the others too. any taller and he'd prob run in to coordination issues.
god of speed
god of speed 03-08-2016 15:31
"Pound for pound Gay is the better athlete"? Shut up.
Hansana Sandipa
Hansana Sandipa 29-07-2016 16:13
Usain bolt is unbeatable
Krayzie D
Krayzie D 22-07-2016 13:51
why is there no final table with all athletes time??? wtf is the purpose of this video if you dont show the table
Nate Ayer
Nate Ayer 02-06-2016 18:29
If Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell ran in any other era, they would be the best in the world bar none
Shemzinho 20-05-2016 20:17
Powell, the fast man who usually fails to deliver in 6" LMAO how can you say something like that so casually

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