Gabriela Sabatini Interview 2006-11-20 (Eurosport) 2

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Gaby' interview on Eurosport 2006


Notorious O.o
Notorious O.o 25-08-2017 05:35
My GOD Gaby is so BEAUTIFUL!
No Comment •••
No Comment ••• 04-08-2017 09:42
Sabatini will always be the most beautiful tennis player! Wish people would stfu bout her private life & give her the respect she deserves!!!
Alan Peterson
Alan Peterson 16-03-2017 19:16
So beautiful and so nice. We miss her. Back in the day when the top women's tennis players looked human.
leila taillandier
leila taillandier 01-01-2017 17:14
il n aime pas l afrique, il n aime pas l' amérique
leila taillandier
leila taillandier 01-01-2017 17:13
pour gouverner, les pouvoirs ont crée l absolution
leila taillandier
leila taillandier 01-01-2017 17:13
il semble que nous soyons attaché à des origines animalières; le fait de vouloir s en éloigner semble nous rejeter du pouvoir
leila taillandier
leila taillandier 01-01-2017 17:12
comment découvrir le monde ?
Taillandier Jp
Taillandier Jp 18-09-2016 05:31
un monde de conflit ? ben prenez de l atimètre
Taillandier Jp
Taillandier Jp 18-09-2016 05:31
roger frison roche vous emmenera ou vous voulez
teejay Trujillo
teejay Trujillo 24-08-2016 03:07
definitely masculine . The face, voice, adam's apple, etc.
Taillandier Jp
Taillandier Jp 12-08-2016 20:50
toi salope, tu ferais mieux de faire crémaillère de direction, plutôt que de regardez les étaoiles
Joey Convery
Joey Convery 02-03-2016 00:24
I Love Gaby! Wonderful role model for everyone.
Taillandier Jp
Taillandier Jp 18-02-2016 03:02
des miniatures, voilà ce que nous sommes
hypnocil10 26-01-2016 11:02
Viktor Velakis
Viktor Velakis 11-03-2015 23:35
Gabriela is gorgeous, nice and simply doesn't age. She must be Kevin Bacon's little sister. 
Da Tij
Da Tij 08-02-2015 21:26
Damn!  Gaby is HOT! HOT!  
Miss Smile
Miss Smile 30-01-2015 18:06
Thanks Nordna, you did express exactly what I feel about that subject. It sickens me as well to read comments about her sexuality on every single video or post on Internet. No matter who she lives or sleep with, she's a very talented, sincere, honest and kind-hearted person. Her sexuality isn't our business. She's an example for keeping a low profile and her private life out of the media. Instead of commenting every video, those people should ask her the question, go straight to the point face to face.
GabryX 30-10-2013 10:57
I do not want to get lost in the discourses on sexuality Gaby. That is his private life! Instead I get lost in his eyes, in his kindness, his charisma, in her soft moving your hands. I loved her as a tennis player and as a person, I still love her and I admire infinitely.
GabryX 30-10-2013 10:46
I agree with what you say
JordanjamesX 25-05-2013 01:03
Sad that Gabriela feels the need to hide her lesbianism.

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