Street Workout World Cup Germany 2013 Eurosport Broadcast HD

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Footage from the Street Workout World Cup Germany 2013 in Offenburg as it was broadcasted on Eurosport 2! The event was organized by Baristi Workout and the WSWCF! This was the first ever Calisthenics event in Germany!► Get stronger on the bars: ◄Subscribe: http://www.baristi-workout.comUS T-Shirts Shop: T-Shirt Shop:► Learn handstands and planches: ► Build more muscle through calisthenics:► Recover faster from your workouts:► Our natural sports drink:► Professional Home Pull Up Bar:► Portable Dips Bars: to Xcore Savage as main sponsor and Vita Coco for the support


Kush Je
Kush Je 12-03-2016 20:09
Lol street workouters of those days say what the fuck is that :p
Esteban Ortiz Fitness
Esteban Ortiz Fitness 27-02-2015 12:14
You havve to make more videos like this one, because it explains so many diferent things to the people that are beguiner in this sport/wayoflife. 
I hope that you kep doing this good work. 
greetings from Colombia ()south America()
Nicolas Pley
Nicolas Pley 06-07-2014 17:12
Where is Sadkov? Where is abasov?
wilson ivanov
wilson ivanov 10-04-2014 13:08
i too when i want to get on of these competition
Bar Heroes
Bar Heroes 05-12-2013 12:33
misanthrope88 02-12-2013 10:32
Chris Heria is such an arrogant fuck. Doing since 2 years the same combos, and not deserve one of the top places. But with Ed and the barstarzz friendly "Dennis" in the Jury there was no problem to rank him high. There where alot of other people who perform better. As long as team members can rate there buddys this isn't a fair competition. Only a joke.
schokone 01-12-2013 09:24
Schön, dass dieser Contest in Offenburg stattgefunden hat und somit "Street Workout" sich in Deutschland bemerkbar macht. Vielleicht werden schon zum nächsten oder übernächsten Sommer in deutschen Großstädten die ersten "professionellen" Parks gebaut.
Kevin Kallon
Kevin Kallon 30-11-2013 18:50
your commentating sucks, i'm sorry, iloveyou though 
JugobetrugoClean 30-11-2013 18:27
fuck world cup this is not calistenics this is gymnastics. only nbxa fuck the world cup
GO Workout!
GO Workout! 30-11-2013 09:22
@ 6 MINS.....he's more of an "isometric artist" like me :) slow sets long holds like hannibal.
maxdadax 30-11-2013 08:00
That is my goal.. To be able to perform well enough to take part in a competition like that!
vaughan aidan
vaughan aidan 30-11-2013 07:43
vaughan aidan
vaughan aidan 30-11-2013 07:43

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