UPC Direct

UPC Direct (UPC DTH) - Satellite television service. More than 100 channels of the highest quality in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic,

Focus Sat

Focus Sat (Moldova) - The Moldovan television package allows you to watch Moldovan, Russian, Romanian and international channels. This public television channels, family programs,

Digi TV

Digi TV - provides television and radio services of the highest quality. The set of channels in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia,

Xtra TV

Xtra TV - the first operator of satellite pay television in Ukraine. On prepaid without a written contract. Themed packages: Sports, of film, education, children, Universal,

Восточный Экспресс

Orion Express - Russian operator of satellite television. EASTERN EXPRESS - Satellite TV,
created specially for Siberia and Far East. Air channels in time versions 4,


Digiturk - provides television services in Turkey. Interactive TV, HD, 3D and 4K. Multiple channels of all destinations on the Turkish language.


Skylink - the largest provider of satellite television in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A large number of programs in HD quality. In September 2011, merged Skylink and

TRK Ukraina + Football

TRK Ukraina - Ukrainian TV channels package as a part of (TRK Ukraina, Football 1, Football 2, Donbass, NLO TV). The audience of about 33 million spectators.

Cyfrowy Polsat

Cyfrowy Polsat - leading provider of pay-TV and telecommunications services in Poland. 134 channels including 35 in HD.


RTVi - independent international Russian-language package as a part of (RTVi, Detski Mir, TeleKlub, Nashe Lubimoe Kino). RTVi total audience of around 25 million people.


SRG SSR - Swiss package for German, Romanesque, French-speaking and Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. The total audience of about 22,500 people.


Package "Rain" consists of only one but popular and important channel "Rain". Broadcasting is in Russian. News and objective assessment. Television themes relate to contemporary