121 Gabriela Sabatini Eurosport Interview Part 1. Eurosport 2

Gabriela Sabatini Eurosport Interview Part 1

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Gabriela Sabatini Eurosport feature October 2006 Part 1. Interview conducted by Glen MacKay


MrWillyCC 31-08-2021 04:32
No idea how or why YouTube recommended this to me but…THANK YOU!!
K I 26-08-2023 06:16
She is so hot!
Francis Fernandes
Francis Fernandes 23-08-2023 06:39
Gorgeous, beautiful no matter which court she played, she was ❤ and admired by fans all over the world.
Thank you Gaby
Mungo Park
Mungo Park 11-08-2023 09:28
I was a big fan of hers during her tennis career (and not just because she's so beautiful). However, I consider her to be the Yannick Noah of women's tennis - an enormously talented yet inconsistent player. It seemed as if she finally reached her potential when she won the 1990 US Open and at one point, was ranked #3 in the world. But she was much too talented to win just one Grand Slam. She was one serve away from winning the 1991 Wimbledon Open and then it was downhill for her from then on.
Taillandier Jp
Taillandier Jp 09-08-2023 05:24
la horde de stephanoises
Taillandier Jp
Taillandier Jp 21-07-2023 20:46
adieu porsche
Daniel Ibáñez
Daniel Ibáñez 15-07-2023 15:34
....maravillosa Gabriela Sabatini !!!
Alev 14-07-2023 21:06
Charm, beauty and class..
chakradharvenkatesh babu
chakradharvenkatesh babu 03-07-2023 05:09
Gaby was Gorgeous Tennis player during her time infact in and Off Court 😊
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar 28-06-2023 14:12
zabaleta 10-05-2023 08:58
Gorgeous woman.
Markus E
Markus E 14-04-2023 06:26
My goodness, such a gorgeous woman.
That 1993 French Open loss to Mary Joe probably still hurts her fans to this day.
I would hope she has gotten over it, even if it crosses her mind once in a while.
Rocco 11-04-2023 23:38
And to think she walked right towards me to retrieve a ball during a practice and looked up at me back in Miami in 1994. Literally hundreds of people followed her every move there.
Mehul Patel
Mehul Patel 01-02-2023 22:19
The 1st several minutes are like; 'where are you walking,?' but this is way cool
Guglielmo Solimene
Guglielmo Solimene 25-01-2023 04:08
i respect the privacy,
Robert Huot
Robert Huot 13-01-2023 19:48
Was she ever married?
Taillandier Jp
Taillandier Jp 08-01-2023 21:58
3.50 why you are lovely romantic and nostalgic if you come here
Taillandier Jp
Taillandier Jp 08-01-2023 21:56
un nez refait comme le prince
Taillandier Jp
Taillandier Jp 08-01-2023 21:54
gueraud en petite culotte
Terry TT
Terry TT 26-12-2022 09:36
She'll be beautiful whatever age she becomes.

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