121 Street Workout World Cup Germany 2013 Eurosport Broadcast HD. Eurosport 2

Street Workout World Cup Germany 2013 Eurosport Broadcast HD

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Footage from the Street Workout World Cup Germany 2013 in Offenburg as it was broadcasted on Eurosport 2! The event was organized by Baristi Workout and the WSWCF! This was the first ever Calisthenics event in Germany!► Get stronger on the bars: http://j.mp/Strength-Bands ◄Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-Baristi-YTInstagram: http://bit.ly/16aezlkFacebook: http://bit.ly/Baristi-FBWebsite: http://www.baristi-workout.comUS T-Shirts Shop:http://bit.ly/Baristi-Shirts-USEU T-Shirt Shop: http://bit.ly/Baristi-Shirts-US--------► Learn handstands and planches: http://j.mp/handstand-pro ► Build more muscle through calisthenics: http://bit.ly/Weight-Vest► Recover faster from your workouts: http://j.mp/Foam-Roll► Our natural sports drink: http://bit.ly/c0c0nutwater► Professional Home Pull Up Bar: http://bit.ly/PullUp-Bar► Portable Dips Bars: http://bit.ly/Dip-ParallettesThanks to Xcore Savage as main sponsor and Vita Coco for the support


Normal 31-05-2022 19:02
I am here to see Chris.
The Passengers
The Passengers 01-03-2022 16:04
The passion Chris heria has (of course he was gonna win 🥇
AFwitchdoctor 01-07-2021 04:54
chris heria got that swag of bruce lee XD
白いリンゴ 09-04-2021 20:11
I love how music fit perfectly with chris boi
sean_streetworkout 04-04-2021 16:50
its crazy to see how calisthenics athletes went from relatively weak to absolutely crazy in the last years
Mr. potato
Mr. potato 20-02-2021 11:21
Just checkout cris energy.
Nicolo' Meani
Nicolo' Meani 16-12-2020 16:49
Ahahahah Chris such a character
Trọng Lê
Trọng Lê 08-12-2020 15:58
90% come here because Chris hahah
Some dude
Some dude 30-09-2020 05:48
Them wide ass scissor kicks
Strong af tho 💪💪💪
Race Man
Race Man 22-08-2020 15:12
Scheisse langweilig !!! Und nur Fake Übungen !!!
Mathandfresh 09-05-2020 20:55
🤣🤣🤣 Also here because of sunny boy Chris Heria🙈
Oliver Myrhol
Oliver Myrhol 28-12-2019 09:12
I only came because of Chris heria
Blitz54 25-10-2019 05:03
Omg chris looks so small and emo lol
1 Asuncion, Denver G.
1 Asuncion, Denver G. 14-08-2019 12:08
Chris Heria is my idol
大法师 24-02-2019 18:56
chris heria
LH Calistenia & Fitness
LH Calistenia & Fitness 17-01-2019 17:52
10:03 : Chria Heria
leandr Correa
leandr Correa 09-01-2019 14:50
Wtf Chris hería lol
Kush Je
Kush Je 12-03-2016 20:09
Lol street workouters of those days say what the fuck is that :p
Nicolas Pley
Nicolas Pley 06-07-2014 16:12
Where is Sadkov? Where is abasov?
wilson ivanov
wilson ivanov 10-04-2014 12:08
i too when i want to get on of these competition

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