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IAAF World Championships - Berlin 2009: Men's 100m Final [Eurosport HD]

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START: 7:07REPLAYS: 11:53IAAF World Championships - Berlin 2009 - 100 Metres Men FinalDATE: August 16th 2009 (08/16/2009)RESULTS:1. Usain Bolt - 9.58 (WR) - automatic time: 9.572 2. Tyson Gay - 9.71 (NR)3. Asafa Powell - 9.844. Daniel Bailey - 9.935. Richard Thompson - 9.936. Dwain Chambers - 10.007. Marc Burns - 10.008. Darvis Patton - 10.34Note: Usain Bolt covered the first 60m in a time of 6.29/6.31 seconds (depending on the study - 'DLV Scientific'), which would have been a world record. However, records for 60m can only be set in that specific event, so the record officially remains in the hands of Maurice Greene with a time of 6.39s from February 1998.WIKI PAGE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_World_Championships_in_Athletics_%E2%80%93_Men%27s_100_metresPHOTOFINISH: http://i.imgur.com/Gn8LfRE.jpgOFFICIAL RESULTS: http://www.iaaf.org/results/iaaf-world-championships-in-athletics/2009/12th-iaaf-world-championships-in-athletics-3658/men/100-metres/final/result


jayceh 01-06-2023 11:22
Imagine someone in 2004 telling Gay he'd be running between 9.70 and 9.8 for a decade but will not win a single meaningful 100m race
phrozen06 29-05-2023 11:05
Power Sprinting.
Prince Danson
Prince Danson 26-05-2023 17:58
This world record will stand test of time
A pháo Vàng
A pháo Vàng 22-05-2023 10:28
Bolt dancer hahaha no1
A pháo Vàng
A pháo Vàng 22-05-2023 10:25
Bolt no1
tifts 17-05-2023 08:23
This will never be beaten😅
Michael Kipkoech
Michael Kipkoech 16-05-2023 20:12
Watched this live 12years ago
Ng Mook leong
Ng Mook leong 16-05-2023 10:28
i like that , just to have something to talk about , to comment for the sake of commenting . pound for pound to be the measuring yardstick . maybe we will have boxing categories type of world champions in Weight division 100m dash
Better Man
Better Man 14-05-2023 03:34
9.58 sec!!.. 😮😬🤩 No one could breake this record ever. Pheewww.. 😅💦
opspadas 13-05-2023 07:17
All neggas..... Why???
Blueberry Pineapple
Blueberry Pineapple 11-05-2023 18:04
Gay is never the best athlete!!! How dare you?! It’s not the fastest track for any athlete but Bolt created a record on it!
Protocol Officer
Protocol Officer 10-05-2023 21:00
Hosea Douglas Samson
Hosea Douglas Samson 06-05-2023 03:34
Blacks are built to dominate... waiting for the time we will come out of slavery, containment into the time we'll rule like the ancient times blacks started civilization... now the fake white bread skins are rulling
mystic 04-05-2023 11:32
What do you mean “pound for pound”….. gay is the best athlete??!!! Shut the f**k up and accept defeat. No matter how you spin it no one can win bolt!!!
Rolando Figueredo
Rolando Figueredo 27-04-2023 16:12
El Hombre y sus Limites : No cabe duda gue este tiempo es Futurista creo gue seguiremos viendo cosas asi no me cabe la menor duda
francine Harriott
francine Harriott 26-04-2023 04:16
I still have goosebumps watching Bolt .He is just awesome.
Justin Bell
Justin Bell 22-04-2023 15:37
The great Jamaican always carried the pace of the race
jonfklein 20-04-2023 06:41
This has to be one of the greatest 100m races in history. Gay gave it everything he had improving his personal best from 9.77 to 9.71, but still finishes second to Bolt who shatters his own world record, and in subsequent years goes on to be the greatest sprinter in history. Asafa Powell in third place also set a personal best.
Iveta Kleinová
Iveta Kleinová 19-04-2023 17:52
tomáš kováč 6 seconds on 100meters on 17 yours
Zacarias Gomes
Zacarias Gomes 18-04-2023 01:13
Bolt o cara

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