Street Workout World Championship 2012 on EUROSPORT 2

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Watch the brand new Eurosport 2 video highlights of the 2nd Street Workout World Championship organized by World Street Workout Federation (WSWF) and supported by Latvian Railways (Latvijas Dzelzcels) and project The Championship was held in Riga, Latvia on August 4, 2012. Information about upcoming Street Workout events worldwide is available on the WSWF web site at and on WSWF Facebook page. The Federation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization which promotes the Street Workout worldwide.The Federation will continue the tradition of Street Workout World Championships and the next one will be in 2013 in Riga, Latvia. To qualify for the World Championship potential athletes must obtain top places in the official national competitions of their home country. The Federation reserves the right to ease qualification requirements for athletes from countries where the Street Workout movement is less developed. More information about qualification for World Championships will be published on WSWF web site. The Federation is currently working on launching annual Street Workout World Cup series starting from 2013. The World Cup events will be held in countries where the Street Workout movement is the most active, such us Russia, Ukraine, USA, Spain, Germany and others. More information will follow on WSWF web site.The Federation is also working on launching social events to promote the Street Workout movement worldwide, such as the Street Workout European Tour and Street Workout World Tour. The Tours will take place in different cities around many countries. Each event of the Tour will be organized as a festival for the whole city. It will have a spectacular Street Workout freestyle show presented by international team of world-class Street Workout athletes as well as activities and contests for the spectators. The events will be open to the whole family. More information will follow on WSWF web site. Street Workout is a new movement, but its popularity around the world is exploding. Each country where the Street Workout movement has become popular, but which is not yet a member state of the Federation, may join the Federation. The Federation is open to welcome new member states and member organizations. Visit our web site to apply, as well as to find out whether your country or organization has already joined the Federation. The Federation is also looking for a support for its upcoming events. Please contact us if your company or organization is interested to support the activity of the Federation.

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